Grant preparation and administration is one of the many services WAPDD provides to their members. Receiving funding is always good news to any community; however, administrative guidelines of grant programs must be followed to make the project a reality. These administrative services include helping communities and counties to establish development priorities through public hearings and other types of public participation processes; helping establish the eligibility of projects for funding under the guidelines of various appropriate funding programs; investigating, applying for, and leveraging funds among various funding sources to achieve the optimum benefits for our member communities; completing environmental reviews, assisting with the bidding process, organizing requests for payment applications; assisting with acquisition, complying with labor standards, and completing the project close out.

Typical projects administered are:

  • Infrastructure improvements such as water and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Public facilities such as senior centers, daycare centers, parks, walking/hiking/bicycle trails, county health units, community buildings, fire stations and storm safe rooms.
  • Economic development projects which center around the creation of jobs, typically infrastructure improvements. The District also participates in securing and administering funds for projects such as building and equipment purchases, facility expansions and other activities for local and regional industries and businesses, which help retain, expand and develop new job opportunities in Western Arkansas.