WAPDD provides a vital service to the region by providing GIS mapping to the counties of Crawford, Franklin, Scott and Sebastian. One of the most high-profile applications of this service is Emergency 911 addressing, which ensures that every address that could conceivably need emergency assistance, via the 911 system, is entered in the system’s database, recognized and can be located successfully by emergency responders.

Click here to visit the GIS website at https://www.wagis.org/

In addition to area 911 systems, here are some recent projects WAPDD has completed using GIS technology:

  • Sebastian County Clerk Voter Registration Map Website
  • Sebastian County OES Map Website
  • City of Mulberry Zoning Project
  • City of Greenwood Water System Project
  • City of Greenwood Wastewater System Project
  • City of Branch (Franklin County) Sewer System Project
  • City of Altus Fire Hydrant Project
  • City of Ozark GPS/GIS Project
  • Sebastian County Automatic/Mutual Aid Fire Project
  • Sebastian County Fire Hydrant Project
  • Sebastian County Sex Offender Mapping Project
  • City of Van Buren Sex Offender Mapping Project
  • Franklin County Re-Districting Project
  • City of Barling Utility Project
  • Sebastian County Re-Districting Project
  • City of Waldron Re-Districting Project
  • Sebastian County Fire Response Analysis for new fire station locations
  • Crawford County GPS Storm Shelter/Safe Room Project
  • City of Paris Utility Project

The GIS Department at WAPDD was recognized in 2012 with a “Special Achievement in GIS” (SAG) award at the 2012 ESRI International User Conference. This award is given to user sites around the world who achieve outstanding work with GIS technology. WAPDD was chosen from among more than 100,000 participating organizations.

We are very pleased to provide GIS mapping services to the region and look forward to continuing this important work.

To view some of the webmaps created by the 911/GIS Department, click here.