City of Bonanza Notice for Early Public Review to Support Activity in the 100-Year-Floodplain

The City of Bonanza is proposing rehabilitation of the existing wastewater collection and treatment system including the force main from the wastewater lagoons to lift station #2, all of which is located within the floodplain.

The purpose of this notice is to comply with Executive Order 11988 on Floodplain Management

by giving early notice to interested agencies, groups and persons.  The City of Bonanza is desirous of considering any feasible alternatives or adjustments to the anticipated project that might minimize any potential adverse effects upon the floodplain because of the project.

Any comments to be considered in the decision process, relative to this proposed expenditure of Federal funds in an area identified as a flood hazard area, should be submitted in writing to Tracee McKenna, Director of Community Development, WAPDD, 1109 S. 16th Street, Fort Smith, AR  72901 or tmckenna@wapdd.orgon or before January 3, 2021.