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The Western Arkansas Planning and Development District is a primary source of information, support and services in the Western Arkansas counties of Crawford, Franklin, Logan, Polk, Sebastian and Scott.

With services and information that is valuable both to governments and to the general public, WAPDD impacts the region in areas such as community and economic development, transportation improvement, 911 emergency services, GIS/utility mapping and workforce development.

Our board of directors, whose membership you can view here, includes leaders from all across the region from every community.

While WAPDD primarily serves as a planning tool for local governments, we are pleased to provide residents of the region with information that may be useful to them, their businesses or their families. We have extensive data on the region’s demographic, geographic and economic makeup, as well as census data, workforce statistics and a great deal more.

Our mission is:
“To foster community and economic growth in our local economy by providing community and economic development, workforce innovation, transportation and emergency planning and various other professional services in support of our Region.  We are the central catalyst for community-centered economic development that links our counties, cities and businesses with state, federal and private resources to aid in a higher quality of life while promoting future growth for all citizens of Western Arkansas.”

Enjoy the site and discover more about WAPDD – one of the most powerful resources for the growth and development in all of Western Arkansas!