Our Services

911 Address Assignment

Emergency 911 services in the unincorporated areas (and most incorporated areas) of Crawford, Scott and Sebastian counties are handled by WAPDD.  We make sure that 911 response is efficient and responsive to the needs of those seeking assistance.

Floodplain Management

The WAPDD 911/GIS Department is responsible for floodplain management within Sebastian County.

GIS Utility Mapping

WAPDD provides a vital service to the region by providing GIS mapping to the counties we serve.

Special projects

Other projects our 911/GIS Department take on include mapping parks and recreational areas in our region, providing voter registration/ district maps, and zoning projects.

Our webmaps

Fairview Cemetery

James Fork Water Map

Sebastian County OEM

Van Buren Zoning

Van Buren Sidewalks and Streets

Sebastian County Clerk

Crawford County Fire District

Greenwood Parks & Trails

Crawford County Clerk

Sebastian County Fire District

Barling Public Utility Map

Mansfield Utilities

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