Emergency 911 services in the unincorporated areas (and most incorporated areas) of Crawford, Scott and Sebastian counties are handled by WAPDD. We make sure that 911 response is efficient and responsive to the needs of those seeking assistance.

It’s especially important for anyone developing property for a home or a business in these areas to ensure their new address is officially recognized by the Emergency 911 system. click here to start the process of new address assignment.

Together we can continue to ensure that residents of Crawford, Scott and Sebastian counties are safe and able to call on the help they need.

Crawford County
City of Alma
Town of Cedarville
Town of Chester
City of Dyer
City of Mulberry
City of Mountainburg
Town of Rudy
City of Van Buren

Scott County
City of Waldron

Sebastian County
City of Barling
City of Bonanza
Town of Central City
City of Greenwood
City of Hackett
City of Hartford
City of Huntington
City of Lavaca
City of Mansfield
City of Midland

To view some of the webmaps created by the 911/GIS Department, click here.